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Diving Deeper into Life & Love

  • Writer's pictureSteven Spotts, PsyD

It’s No Small Thing, A Marital Poem & Prayer

This thing you begin today, this momentary marriage

It’s a meteor’s life, spanned against a black sky

We call it forever love

but it’s only a passing shadow

a glance through a darkened window

a mysterious and subtle symbol

revealed to those with eyes to see.

But it’s no small thing, these promises taken up today.

If you already knew what you will soon come to know

If you could know now, If you were that wise,

You might never cross the threshold of

both joy and sorrow

that’s sure to follow

in the blink of your seeing eyes.

This precarious impermanence, this temporary tempest

It’s no small thing, what is offered on this altar.

More fun than one is two and less work is two than one

But neither pleasure nor economy is what we measure.

For it is here, in this flicker of life,

in this delicious but brief and fleeting moment

you will both taste and portray a creator's covenant.

Yes, it is no small thing that you now commence,

here, today, with family and friends,

yet it pales, and fades to insignificance

against the incomprehensible glory this fleeting form expresses.

You two stand here today in your glory

Magnifying what many will miss,

another wedding, another supper, another story.

It’s no small thing that which is represented by your ring,

a King, faithful and true, who comes for His bride

having paid her price with His holy life.

An unchanging and loyal love, steadfast, without end

His bride adorned in white, and right, made ready for her eternal love.

Yes, it is no small thing, that which happens here,

If anyone has ears to hear.

Your momentary marriage proclaims a permanent promise

That's no small thing, this good news, now offered and displayed.

So may your momentary marriage linger long, ‘till you’re old ‘n gray.

May you make the most of each passing day.

May its fullness be yours from this moment until life departs

May your reflection of His glory be pure and our glimpse of that glory sure.

And may your marriage be honored among all we pray. Amen and amen.

©️ S W Spotts 2013

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